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Adorable Dog Dances Merengue Like a Pro (VIDEO)

Merengue is a lively style of music, and an even livelier style of dance. So, naturally, it can be draining for a human to do it well, much less a dog. Yet here we are, with an adorable dog dancing Merengue like a pro!

In this video, we see a dog get down to some Merengue, dancing with her owner and presenting us with one of the most adorable man-and-dog dance acts we’ve seen here in a while. This takes a lot of skill, and it’s clear that the owner took great care in training his dog to do this. She’s certainly got more rhythm than a lot of people I’ve seen. Hell, she’s got more than I have! Watch the video below:

Adorable Dog Dances Merengue Like a Pro (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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