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Adorable Dog Dances Like a Human (VIDEO)

There’s nothing quite like a dog who can do a mean cha-cha. Especially when that dog is so cute and fluffy, he practically looks like a stuffed animal.

In what could be the cutest video we’ve posted this week, an adorable dog shows off her human dancing skills. Never mind that she’s surrounded by several other lovable pooches while she’s doing it, this dog is the center of attention. And she’s damn good at what she does, to boot!

Watch the precious video below:

Source: Excited poodle puppy can’t stop dancing by furryKidsatplay on Rumble

Adorable Dog Dances Like a Human (VIDEO)

Seriously though, I would give my left arm to have that kind of rhythm! (Okay, maybe not my left arm, but I would pay good money to take any class this dog is teaching)

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