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Adorable Dog Cuddles With World’s Sleepiest Little Boy (VIDEO)

What happens when an adorable dog cuddles with the world’s sleepiest little boy? Pure, unfettered cuteness!

I mean, I’m sure there have been sleepier children in the world than this, but you’d never know it from how hard this little boy is fighting against his body’s own urge to sleep. In this video, a sleepy boy struggles to stay upright, while the dog tries to wake him up with kisses before the boy ends up falling over. Lucky for him, the dog is there to catch his fall, as the two cuddle together on the ground in a perfect little picture of innocence and friendship personified. But then, I’d expect nothing less of the bond between a boy and his dog. Watch the video below:

Adorable Dog Cuddles With World's Sleepiest Little Boy (VIDEO)

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