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Adorable ‘Doctor Who’ Corgi Is Here to Brighten Your Day! (VIDEO)

It’s Wednesday, and while some people (and camels, if you’re a Geico ad) love Hump Day, some people view it as just another long, boring school/work day. But hey, what else is the internet for but to distract us with cute animal videos?

So, right on cue, here’s Wally the Welsh Corgi dressed up as each of the 13 Doctors (yes, they included the War Doctor too) from Doctor Who! And just in time for Halloween! The pooch is downright adorable, to say the least, and we imagine he’d be every bit as precious without the costumes. But there’s just something about a dog dressing like Tom Baker, Matt Smith, David Tenant, and Peter Capaldi (among others, of course) that puts this over the top. The little TARDIS! The impossibly long Fourth Doctor scarf! The bag of jelly babies! Hell, they even added the Fifth Doctor’s celery stalk on the lapel! This is just too cute to adequately describe in words. Watch the full video below:

Adorable 'Doctor Who' Corgi Is Here to Brighten Your Wednesday! (VIDEO)

What do you think of Wally’s costumes? Sound off in the comments!

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