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Adorable Dalmatian Has Had It With Annoying Kitten (VIDEO)

Even the biggest of us can get picked on every now and then. And even the smallest of us can do the picking. Case in point, a kitten who picks on an adorable (and enormous) Dalmatian!

In this video, we meet Lady the Dalmatian and Squirt the Kitten. Normally, they’re the best of pals. But on this occasion? Not so much. The kitten paws at the Dalmatian’s face, annoying the heck out of the big dog. Granted, it’s just part of Squirt’s rambunctious nature, but that doesn’t mean Lady is always in the mood to play. Be sure to watch all the way through to see the clever way Lady finally shuts down Squirt’s obnoxious behavior! You can watch the video below:

Adorable Dalmatian Has Had It With Annoying Kitten (VIDEO)

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