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Adorable Dachshund Pups Kiss Each Other Goodnight (VIDEO)

Who doesn’t love a goodnight kiss? Whether you’re a person or a dog, there’s a certain comfort in being kissed goodnight. If nothing else, it’s cute. Particularly when it’s a kiss between two dogs.

In this video, two dachshund pups kiss each other goodnight. What makes this extra cute is how they’re tucked in like babies. Are they always put to bed like this? Do they always sleep together? I don’t even know the context and I don’t care. This is freaking adorable even without the kiss. But adding in the smooches puts this over the top, for me. I love dogs, especially when they’re doing people things like this. This video is well worth checking out, and you can watch the whole thing below:

Adorable Dachshund Pups Kiss Each Other Goodnight (VIDEO)

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