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Adorable Dachshund Puppy Doesn’t Feel Like Getting Up (VIDEO)

Nothing beats a good nap. And when you’re feeling extra cozy, it can be doubly hard to get out of bed. As this video shows, dogs aren’t immune from wanting to laze about all day in bed.

In this video, we meet an adorable dachshund puppy named Peanut. At the time this video was shot, Peanut was 13-weeks-old, and while you’d think a young puppy would be full of vibrant energy, all Peanut wants to do is chill out in bed. And hey, I’m not complaining. I’m totally Team Naps. Unfortunately, humans rarely have the freedom to sleep away the day like dogs do. But I don’t begrudge any dog a day in bed, especially when the dog in question is this cute. Of course, Peanut does eventually get up, it’s just a long time in coming. But it’s worth the wait. Watch the video below:

Adorable Dachshund Puppy Doesn't Feel Like Getting Up (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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