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Adorable Compilation Proves Dachshunds Are Awesome (VIDEO)

Tiny dogs are an internet tradition when it comes to depicting cuteness in viral videos. And few dogs fulfill the “Unbelievably cute” criteria better than dachshunds.

In this adorable compilation, we get a firsthand look at why dachshunds are so awesome. And hilarious. No, really. Whether it’s making a big leap for the couch (and coming up just a little short) or somehow setting off fireworks, it looks like virtually every thing they do is entertaining. That lovable little pooch chasing the toy car around the race track was enough on its own to brighten my Monday. Whether you’re celebrating Memorial Day with family and friends or you’re just taking it easy for the holiday, this is a video worth watching and sharing. You can watch the full video below:

Adorable Compilation Proves Dachshunds Are Awesome (VIDEO)

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