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Adorable Chihuahua Offers Dog Treat To Crying Baby (VIDEO)

Some dogs get resentful when a rival for his owner’s affection is introduced into the equation. Some other dogs, however, quickly end up coming to love any new little brothers or sisters they end up getting. In this particular case, this is one of those latter dogs.

In this video, an adorable chihuahua offers his dog treat to his crying baby brother. It’s one of those beautiful moments in which a dog commits that rarest of kindnesses: actually sharing food! Granted, it doesn’t really work, but the sentiment is lovely. It’s the thought that counts! At least, that’s what I tell myself when I can’t afford or decide on a good enough gift for a loved one. (Oh man, Mother’s Day is coming up soon, isn’t it?) Forget all your troubles for a few moments, and watch the cute video below:

Adorable Chihuahua Offers Dog Treat To Crying Baby (VIDEO)

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