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Adorable Capuchin Monkey Is Obsessed With French Fries (VIDEO)

Animals love human food, especially when it’s straight out of the bag. I should know, from the amount of times my dog found a way to snatch the food off the table. But when you openly let an animal have your food, not only do they appreciate it, they pretty much become obsessed with it.

In this video, Boo the Capuchin Monkey is in love with french fries, and we can’t say we’re surprised. When they’re fresh, Wendy’s has some of the best fries in the game, so we can’t blame Boo for snatching up that goodness. Boo is adorable enough as it is when he’s not making off with a fist full of fries before his handler can take them away. I just love how much personality Boo has. You can watch the video below:

Adorable Capuchin Monkey Is Obsessed With French Fries (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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