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Adorable Bunny Eats Raspberries – Looks Like Lipstick! (VIDEO)

There are some foods you can’t really eat without getting a little messy. In this case, it’s a fruit that leaves the eater looking like he’s wearing lipstick.

In this video, we see an adorable little bunny eating something almost as sweet as he is: raspberries! Naturally, he makes a bit of a mess, but through no real fault of his own. These raspberries are just very juicy, and they leave him with bright red on his mouth. In a way, it really does look like he’s put on lipstick. It’s a great look on him though! Of course, this rabbit would be a real cutie with or without the all-natural “lipstick”. Watch the video below:

Adorable Bunny Eats Raspberries - Looks Like Lipstick! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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