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Adorable Bulldog Throws Temper Tantrum When Owner Says ‘No’ (VIDEO)

Dogs don’t like hearing the word “no”. Yeah, big surprise, I know. But seriously, it’s almost as if “no” is a magic word that triggers temper tantrums, considering how bent out of shape some dogs get when being shut down.

In this video, an adorable bulldog named Hermione throws a temper tantrum when her owner says “No” to her attempts to get into bed with him. Hermione is basically throwing one big pity party with her growls and whimpers, but the owner simply refuses to change his mind, leaving Hermione little recourse but to bail altogether. Her look of defeat as she steps down to leave is simultaneously cute and sad. Here’s hoping her owner cuddled her eventually, even if not in that moment. Watch the video below:

Adorable Bulldog Throws Temper Tantrum When Owner Says 'No' (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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