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Adorable Boxer Puppy Reacts To Smartphone – So Cute! (VIDEO)

To a dog, a smartphone must seem like magic, with all the lights and the sounds it makes. If you’re a puppy seeing a smartphone up close for the first time, it can be a downright befuddling experience. But it’s all the better for us, because it has the potential to result in an absolutely adorable moment like this.

In this video, a boxer puppy has the cutest reaction of all-time to a smartphone. The little guy seems pretty confused by it, tilting his head every which way, over and over again. And that’s before it even starts making noise! Once the sound starts coming out of the phone, the dog’s interest increases to the point where he seems about ready to tackle the thing. Looks like he’s as enthusiastic about the smartphone as your average teenager these days (or your typical adult, honestly). Of course, boxer puppies are cute enough on their own, but this was just downright precious. Watch the full video below:

Adorable Boxer Puppy Reacts To Smartphone - So Cute! (VIDEO)

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