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Adorable Boxer Dog Gets Jealous of Owners Kissing (VIDEO)

Jealousy strikes everyone at some point or another. It’s a lousy feeling, which is probably why “lousy” is right there in the word itself, jealousy. But humans aren’t the only ones who get jealous. Dogs can struggle with the Green-Eyed Monster as well.

In this video, we meet an adorable boxer dog who’s jealous of his owners getting kissy. The girl smooches her fella on the couch, and poor ol’ Rocco starts to get upset. His groans tell the story. He just doesn’t like being left out of all these displays of affection! And I can’t say I blame him. Dogs need affection, same as anybody. Hell, it’s the best thing to keep jealousy at bay. Here’s hoping Rocco got some cuddles and kisses after this. Watch the video below:

Adorable Boxer Dog Gets Jealous of Owners Kissing (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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