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Adorable Bear Cub Is Hand-Raised After Being Orphaned (VIDEO)

Some animals thrive in the wild, while others need some help adapting. The bear cub in this video was from the latter grouping. But, luckily, she was able to get the help she needed.

In this video, we meet an adorable California black bear cub saved by a stranger after being found grieving beside her dead mother. The orphaned cub traveled four hundred miles with her benefactor before being wrapped in a blanket and left with the Bear League in California. She was promptly named Tahoe after the Great Lake beside the rescue center, and staff quickly got to work nursing her back to health. At the time of the video, Tahoe was just 10-weeks-old, and her fragile state necessitated that she be hand-raised until she could be released back into the wild. The little cub is as cute as they come, and you can get a glimpse at Tahoe by watching the video below:

Adorable Bear Cub Is Hand-Raised After Being Orphaned (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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