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Adorable Beagle Meets Little Puppy Sister For First Time (VIDEO)

Beagles are among the cutest dog breeds in the world, especially when they’re puppies. Hell, I know that from experience. But what happens when a big brother beagle meets his new little sister for the first time?

In this video, Louie the Beagle meets his adorable new puppy sister, 8-week-old Alanis Morissette “Marie” Van de Hoefstal, who the owners have just brought home from the vet! Louie is naturally pretty curious, but his curiosity is quickly replaced by excitement and playfulness. These two get along famously, and it’s rare to see anything as cute as little Marie walking through her house in slow-motion. Although they’re nearly three years apart in age (today, Louis is 4 while little Marie is one and a half), they get along like puppies of the same age. Watch the video below:

Adorable Beagle Meets Little Puppy Sister For First Time (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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