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Adorable Basset Hounds Are ‘Synchronized Dog Tail Wagging’ Champions (VIDEO)

These two cute Basset Hounds may have just started a new Olympic sport: Synchronized Dog Tail Wagging! So adorable!

I’ve never seen anything like this. Since they are from the same kennel, they’re obviously in tune with each other. I love it!

From Jennie H of Maple Street Bassets:

These basset hounds are bred from my kennel Maple Street Bassets. Basset hounds are the biggest clowns and extremely lazy at times. They never fail to bring a smile. I adore them!! Maple Street Kiss Me Kate and her little brother Maple Street Moses. Best of friends and so in sync!

Adorable Basset Hounds Are Champions At Synchronized Dog Tail Wagging (VIDEO)

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