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Adorable Baby Happy To See Daddy – Heartwarming! (VIDEO)

Babies love their parents, and some get super excited when their parent finally walks through the door. Seeing that precious reaction on a baby’s face is about as heartwarming as anything we could imagine.

In this video, we meet Little G, a baby who is just five days shy of 11 months. He’s initially just having a good time with his toys and playing around. That is, until he sees his daddy walk through the door. Suddenly, Little G gets downright silly, lighting up with laughter and joy, and just scrunching his face in the cutest way possible! The video, which was filmed four years ago, is as sweet as any home video ever posted. Sure, babies eventually grow up, but it’s beautiful to have precious moments like these on film. Watch the video below:

Adorable Baby Happy To See Daddy - Heartwarming! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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