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Adorable Abandoned Puppy Rescued From Busy Street (VIDEO)

When a puppy can become abandoned or lost, the story can end in tragedy, as this one nearly did. A puppy named Fram was found near a busy street, moments away from wandering into speeding traffic.

Luckily for Fram, however, rescue organization Howl of a Dog was on the scene to save the day. They rushed him to the vet, cured him of his mange with special baths, and generally nursed him back to good health. As a result, his playful demeanor came out, with the lovable pooch playing happily with humans and dogs alike. The adorable puppy is just six months old, but he’s looking ahead to a future that involves a happy family. You can donate to Howl of a Dog and adopt some of the animals they’ve rescued by visiting their official website here. And you can check out the video of Fram’s rescue below:

Adorable Abandoned Puppy Rescued From Busy Street (VIDEO)

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