Adele Brings Adorable 4-Year-Old Onstage During Show (VIDEO)

Adele is letting her fans take part in her live shows. Even the smallest among them are getting the chance to shine, as evidenced by this super cute video!

In this video, Adele brings an adorable 4-year-old onstage during her show in Madison Square Garden. The little girl, named Quinn, was invited onstage along with her aunt, and it’s evident that Adele is pretty great with kids from how easily she gets along with Quinn. Quinn’s mother also joined Adele onstage, leading to a group photo that Adele promises to put on her Instagram page. Such a lovely thing for Adele to do! She even shouts out Quinn’s grandfather on his birthday! Watch the video below:

Adele Brings Adorable 4-Year-Old Onstage During Show (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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