Adele Album Sales for ’25’ Shatter NSYNC Record

Adele doesn’t just have a hit on her hands with 25, she has a potential all-time smash.

The totals are in and Adele has shattered the record set by NSYNC in 2000. Their No Strings Attached album sold 2.4 million copies in its first week of release, making it the only album in Nielsen Soundscan history to reach that milestone. That is, until now: Adele’s 25 sold 2.43 million copies in just three days. By this Thursday, when the first-week sales tracking concludes, the album could potentially be up to 2.9 million copies sold, which is absolutely staggering to consider. If nothing else, Adele has set a record that’s going to be hard for anyone else to ever beat. At least until the next Adele album.

Adele has taken a smart approach to promoting the album, as she’s basically been going on a media tour in which she performs a new song for the first time at each stop. Just last night, she performed “Water Under the Bridge” live for the first time on The Tonight Show, and performed “When We Were Young” live on SNL this past Saturday. This, in addition to making headlines with her isolated vocal track for “Hello” from her Saturday Night Live performance, and her hilarious video in which she goes undercover as an Adele impersonator. Basically, Adele is EVERYWHERE, so it’s not that surprising that she’d pick up some new fans along the way. And her existing fans are pretty loyal already. In short, this was the perfect storm to shatter NSYNC’s record.

Adele Album Sales for '25' Shatter NSYNC Record

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