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Adanna Duru sings ‘You and I’ on American Idol 2015 (VIDEO)

Adanna Duru auditioned with ‘You and I’ by Lady Gaga on American Idol XIV Season 14 on Thursday, January 29, 2015 in San Francisco.

Adanna is 17 and a student from Diamond Bar, CA.

Jennifer Lopez said that she is very pretty and had a nice voice.

This was a passionate singing of Gaga’s song. I like it!

From our live blog:

Adana would always perform at middle school talent shows, and would always sing in her house. Her brothers never wanted to hear her sing, pleading with her to stop, but she refused to ever stop. So here she is.

She sings “You and I” by Lady Gaga, and it starts out really good. In fact, it’s about 90% good. But I’m hung up on that last 10%. I just feel it gets a bit shouty, and it gets to be a little unpleasant on the final note or two. But honestly, she can really sing. That said, she looks far more mature than 17.

Adanna Duru sings 'You and I' on American Idol 2015 (VIDEO)

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