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Adam Wakefield Nails ‘Love Has No Pride’ on The Voice 2016 (VIDEO)

Adam Wakefield sang “Love Has No Pride” by Linda Ronstadt on The Voice 2016 Live Top 9 Performances on Monday, May 9, 2016 for Team Blake Shelton.

This is one of the true moments of the season, as Adam just absolutely TEARS into this song. It’s such a gorgeous, gritty, soulful vocal, and while I’m not at all surprised he was able to accomplish this, I’m shocked by how deeply moved I was. This really got to me, in the best possible way. And that run at the end? Ugh, I absolutely adore Adam, and he might just be my frontrunner now, for as much as I like Alisan. Sorry to keep comparing them each week, but this really is a two-horse race, with Laith as the potential spoiler. Of course, if I’m wrong, I’ll happily eat crow. And by “crow”, I mean an apple pie or something. Watch the performance video below:

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

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