Adam Rose Deletes Twitter Posts on WWE Suspension

Generally, if you’re suspended from WWE, it’s not a good idea to go complaining about it on social media. But, apparently, Adam Rose didn’t get the memo. So it’s no big surprise that he’s been backtracking by deleting all his Twitter posts about his suspension.

Last month, Rose was suspended for 60 days due to a second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. In response, Rose put out a statement declaring he was innocent. Furthermore, he promised to deliver a follow-up note from his doctor. This week, he delivered by posting the note from his doctor, who claimed that Rose was prescribed Adderall for ADHD, which caused his Wellness failure. Rose stated WWE knew about the prescription for the past year. If he was being truthful, then his suspension really was on the wrongful side of the Wellness Policy. And yet, wouldn’t it be smarter to settle this internally by contacting his superiors, rather than taking the fight (and all its drama) to social media?

Ultimately, Rose deleted his posts from social media, perhaps to get back in WWE’s good graces. I guess time will tell if he’s actually worth enough to WWE to bring back.

Adam Rose Deletes Twitter Posts on WWE Suspension

Credit: WWE

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