Adam Levine Gets Mobbed Onstage By Fan During Maroon 5 Concert (VIDEO)

Fans can’t keep their hands off of Adam Levine, apparently. During a Maroon 5 show in Anaheim, California on Monday night, a fan rushed the stage and mobbed Levine in the middle of a song.

Video shows that while Adam was stunned at first, and tried to peel her off, he eventually realized she was just a fan, and decided to just throw an arm around her and dance with her a little bit until security could escort her off the stage. Of course, Adam was simply putting on a brave face, as he later joked to the crowd that the moment was “super terrifying.”

“That was f***ing weird right?” Adam later added in-between songs. “She cut my ear right here with her fingernail.” But he took it all in stride, stating “It’s all good.” Hopefully, no one else takes it as encouragement to try this themselves. Then again, no one is really going to get the chance to for a while. This is the last North American tour date for Maroon 5 for the foreseeable future, since Adam Levine is busy with the live shows on The Voice now.

As for this, it’s a generally bad idea to rush the stage at any concert, since it’s a surefire way to get yourself kicked out of the show. But it doesn’t look like the girl was in her right mind. Either she was drunk, or she was so overcome with enthusiasm for Adam that she couldn’t see what a bad idea it was. Ah well, I guess she’ll now have a story to tell her grandkids, as they all wonder, “Wait, you rushed the stage to mob that old guy covered in tattoos?” And she’ll say, “Shut up. He was hot then. You damn kids don’t understand, with your iPhone 41s and your digital boyfriends.”

You can check out video of the incident and its aftermath below:

Some alternate angles:

Adam Levine Gets Mobbed Onstage By Fan During Maroon 5 Show (VIDEO)

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