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Adam Lambert Throws Shoe For Amazing Natalie Ong Vocal on ‘X Factor Australia’ (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert is the most outspoken judge on The X Factor Australia 2016 panel, and he’s really showing it by expressing himself in non-verbal ways. Case in point, during the Three Seat Challenge performance from Under 22 contestant Natalie Ong, Adam threw a shoe onstage!

Natalie sang “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James, and it was exactly as epic as you’d expect it to be from a girl of her immense talent, earning a standing ovation from the crowd, her fellow contestants, and the judges. But Natalie received something that no other contestant received: for the second time this season, Natalie received Adam’s shoe! And that’s not all, as Guy Sebastian threw his shoes onstage as well! But would Natalie receive a spot in the live shows? If so, which talented act would lose a seat? It was an incredibly tense, nail-biting moment. For how rushed it has been, The X Factor Australia 2016 is actually shaping up to be better this year than its UK counterpart! Watch the video below:

Adam Lambert Throws Shoe Onstage For Amazing Natalie Ong Vocal (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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