Acrobat Defies Death On Top Of Ladder On America’s Got Talent (VIDEO)

Uzeyer Novruzov risked life and limb with a death-defying ladder balancing act on America’s Got Talent 10, “Live Show 2”!

This was an absolutely horrifying act. Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve ever been more scared for anyone on this show. Howie looks terrified for him, as this is the biggest ladder we’ve seen Uzeyer use yet — also the widest. The crowd is behind him though, clapping in rhythm to show their support. My heart is practically in my throat right now, as he nearly reaches the top, even though there are two-suited men to keep the ladder from crushing the judges if Uzeyer fails. How does it all turn out?

Watch the thrilling video below:

Acrobat Risks Life and Limb With Ladder Balancing Act on America's Got Talent 10 (VIDEO)

Judges: Howie doesn’t think audiences at home realize how high that ladder was. He isn’t sure if Uzeyer is a danger act, a variety act, or what. But he feels Uzeyer is dangerous and exciting. Howard feels Uzeyer is sensational, and says he’s the kind of act we don’t get to see these kinds of acts on TV anymore. He implores the crowd to cheer for him again. Heidi loves Uzeyer, and says America just has to vote for him. Mel B says it was too much, noting that she nearly peed her pants. “I’m clenched up everywhere!” she shouts, prompting Howie to ask, “Everywhere?” Come on, Howie, don’t be weird.

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