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Abused Rescue Dog Has Her Best Day Ever (VIDEO)

Caitlyn is a Staffie-mix who suffered one of the most horrific abuses any dog ever endured when she was discovered with her muzzle taped shut. However, she was rescued from cruelty by the Charleston Animal Society, and her subsequent recovery has been a testament to her resilience and strength. So it’s only natural that Caitlyn finally gets the gift she deserves: her best day ever.

This is an awesome video, as Caitlyn receives the Bone to the City, the Ultimate Game of Fetch, a shift as an honorary firehouse dog, a treat from Starbucks, and a toy bonanza with her shelter pals! It’s adorable and heartwarming to see Caitlyn be rewarded for her perseverance. She totally deserves this. Watch the uplifting video below:

Abused Rescue Dog Has Her Best Day Ever (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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