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Abused Rescue Bulldog’s New Owner Dedicated to Giving Pooch the Best Life (VIDEOS)

Kiki the bulldog was probably kept locked in a crate inside a garage for most of her early life, and has suffered for it. In addition to dealing with scoliosis, the pooch also has two  autoimmune diseases that affect her skin and bowels.

Regardless, that hasn’t stopped her owners from trying to give Kiki the best life possible!

Explained Kiki’s owner, “Despite her health issues, she was still always interested in what was going on around her and liked human contact.”

To treat her skin problems, Kiki is given a number of medicated baths, and while they’re not her favorite, she loves the attention.

Unfortunately for Kiki, despite treatment, her health problems still persist and she’s not out of the woods yet. Her owner however remains optimistic.

“It’s the baby steps forward that tell us we are doing good for her and she’s getting better. She’s happy.”

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