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Abused Pit Bull Given Relaxing Spa Bath for His Wounds (VIDEO)

When a pit bull named Rudy was found abandoned in a bucket in New York City, the local shelter immediately phoned SNARR (Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation) Northeast to come to the rescue. A nonprofit organization, SNARR Northeast was quick to help treat Rudy’s severe wounds. Not only was he overcome with injuries that left him unable to walk, he also suffered from an untreated spinal condition, a fractured front leg, and patches of missing hair.

SNARR Northeast didn’t just treat Rudy’s wounds, however. They treated him to a special “spa” bath to help relax his aches and pains, and give him the kind of attention and care that he had long been denied. Although SNARR Northeast eventually had to transfer the poor pooch to a medical foster home, Rudy still had a brief moment of carefree relaxation. Sadly, Rudy passed away a couple months after this video due to his spinal condition. But he spent the last few months of his life being absolutely spoiled with love by his foster family. Rudy survived his darkest period, and lived long enough to see what true love and happiness looked like. Rest in peace, Rudy.

Abused Pit Bull Given Relaxing Spa Bath for His Wounds (VIDEO)

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