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Abused Pit Bull Gets Second Chance At Life (VIDEO)

An abused dog is a tragic sight to behold, especially for a dog as sweet as the pit bull we meet today. However, her story has a happier ending than most.

In this video, we meet a pit bull named Cadence who is rescued by the fine folks at Hope For Paws. Sadly, the team discovers that Cadence was severely abused, and likely used as a bait dog. As a result, her eyes are in really rough shape, so much so that she must undergo emergency surgery to save them. But when the stitches come off, the transformation is incredible. Cadence is like an entirely new dog. The way she responds to the loving touches of her rescuers and other dogs demonstrates what a sweetheart she is. And seeing her learn how to swim and play with children in her new foster home is genuinely heartwarming. Not every dog gets a second chance at life, but Cadence is making the most of hers. Watch the video below:

Abused Pit Bull Gets Second Chance At Life (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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