In 2021, Rickey.org is a blog about gaming, politics, pop culture and dogs.

I moved my personal blog to this domain in 2003 and a year later it somehow transformed into an American Idol fan site. It was so successful, Rickey.org was chosen as one of Entertainment Weekly’s “Best of the Web” blogs for two years. I’ve been interviewed by numerous publications such as the New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle, MTV News, The Washington Post and Crain’s New York for my work here.

Over the span of more than ten years Rickey.org expanded and covered more Reality TV and serial TV shows. I’ve met numerous fans and celebrities as a result, which is something I never thought possible when I started. Later on, the blog focused on viral pop culture (and adorable dog) content and during that time it broke into Quantcast’s Top 2000 U.S. websites.

The blog has been quite dormant recently as my interests changed. However, I’m trying to blog more (and writing heavily-edited self-praising about pages). Also, a lot of posts and links don’t work anymore as I’ve lost my war with every CMS and hosting service provider imaginable over the last two decades. I have so many horror stories, but the most important thing is: I survived. I still have backups. I might be able to recreate some posts.

Rickey.org is powered by Hugo and hosted on Cloudflare Workers Sites.

Rickey Yaneza