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ABC Is Confident Nick Viall Will Find Love On The Bachelor 2017

Nick Viall is known as a two-time runner-up on The Bachelorette, and as a contestant for whom Bachelor In Paradise apparently didn’t work out. But now, he’ll have an entire season to find love with one of 25 different women as The Bachelor for 2017. And ABC is confident that the fourth time will finally be the charm.

ABC executive Robert Mills detailed why he thinks Nick is right for The Bachelor, and why he’s likely to find love this season, in an interview with SiriusXM’s LA Daily:

“I think part of his charm that’s really come out on Bachelor in Paradise is he’s so great with the girls, and not as a romantic interest to all of them, but almost as a big brother or good male friend. And you see he’s not really cut out for Bachelorette, where sometimes it’s like if you’re not a bro, you’re not necessarily gonna fit in.”

Mills added, “Ben [Higgins] was absolutely fantastic. He had a great season, and sometimes when you follow the same with the same, you end up with something lesser,” Robert said. “You can say what you want, but certainly from a ratings perspective, when we followed Sean Lowe with Juan Pablo [Galavis], which was sort of a left-turn, it worked out really well for us. A lot of people watched. I remember when we announced Juan Pablo, it was like being at a rock concert.”

ABC Is Confident Nick Viall Will Find Love On The Bachelor 2017

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But why now for Nick? And how much did Bachelor In Paradise actually help Nick’s cause?

“We started seeing people say, ‘I can’t believe this, God help me, I like Nick,’ when Bachelor in Paradise started airing,” Mills explained. “Certainly someone who had gone on Bachelorette twice, was the runner-up and then had gone on Bachelor in Paradise, that just didn’t seem like something that was even in the realm of comprehension. But there was a lot of, ‘I really like him, and I can’t believe I’m saying this.'”

Mills believes that Nick’s sincerity is why he has a good chance of really finding love this time. While ABC probably wants another super dramatic, Juan Pablo-esque season, I don’t think they want a full-on trainwreck. It’s good for the franchise when the end relationship actually works out, because executives can point to it as proof that the process works. Overly dramatic, trainwreck TV only really works if there’s the possibility that something real can come out of it. And I think there’s at least a chance we’ll get something real out of Nick, even though he’s already trending as one of the least-popular Bachelors in some time. For what it’s worth, I like Nick, and I’m really looking forward to his season. But I understand why some might be miffed that he’s getting yet another crack at this. I guess we’ll see how it all turns out this winter.

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