ABC Family Renews ‘Stitchers’ For Second Season

ABC Family is restructuring a bit. While the show is still a youth-oriented channel, some of its shows are beginning to skew towards more adult audiences. That means more shows adults traditionally check out — i.e., procedurals.

So it’s no surprise that ABC Family has renewed Stitchers for a second season, just weeks ahead of its August 4th season finale. The procedural stars Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris, and is basically a dark (but pretty cool) twist on your standard investigative drama, focusing on a young woman drafted by a government agency to be “stitched” into the minds of the dead in order to use their memories to solve their murders. It’s a high-concept series, and the first procedural drama for ABC Family, so it’s a pretty big risk, especially when stacked with a cast of fairly unknown actors.

But the risk has paid off. Since its premiere, the show has averaged roughly 930,000 total viewers, making it the network’s top scripted show in its time slot among adults 18-34.

“Fans are enjoying the camaraderie of the Stitchers team and a lead character that is unapologetically smart, focused and a great role model to young women,” said Karey Burke, Executive Vice President of Programming and Development at ABC Family. “We look forward to seeing more of the Stitchers team tackling diverse cases as they unravel the mystery behind the program’s creation.”

ABC Family Renews 'Stitchers' For Second Season

Credit: ABC Family

I can’t speak to the show’s quality personally, but I’ve heard great things, so this renewal isn’t exactly shocking or anything. Still, I like that risks are being taken with scripted programming, since ABC Family is easily a network that could go back to the tired reality TV well (granted, The Vineyard wasn’t a great show or anything, but it did get pretty addicting by the end). And even when they do add reality TV these days, it’s genuinely compelling stuff like Becoming Us. All in all, I’m stoked about the slightly aged-up direction ABC Family is taking, as it’s growing with its audience in a lot of ways.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Stitchers on their renewal!

What do you think of the renewal of Stitchers for Season 2? Sound off in the comments!

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