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Abandoned German Shepherd Finally Finds Forever Home (VIDEO)

Dogs are abandoned on the street every day, and some of them meet tragic ends. But not every abandoned dog meets a sad end. Some get to find a forever home.

In this video, we meet a German Shepherd named Dilila who was abandoned on the streets of Taiwan. Although she had companionship in the form of her best friend, a Labrador named James, Delila was in rough shape, owing to a shoulder injury that impeded her ability to walk properly. Luckily, she was found by Animal Rescue Team Taiwan, who teams up with American rescue shelters as part of its Cross-Ocean Adoption Program. Before either of the dogs knew it, both Dilila and James were crossing the world together to find their forever homes. While the best pals were placed in different homes, they did get to say goodbye before parting. Needless to say, Dilila and James may not be together, but they’ve found loving homes. In particular, Dilila seems positively enchanted by her new family. This is definitely a heartwarming way to end the work week. Watch the video below:

Abandoned German Shepherd Finally Finds Forever Home (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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