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Abandoned Dog Living In Cemetery Is Rescued (VIDEO)

When a dog is abandoned, it can be hard for her to find a safe place to go. And even if she does find a place to go, it’s unlikely her life will ever improve unless she’s rescued. But then, that’s what heroes are for.

In this video, we meet a precious, abandoned dog named Angelica, who has been living in a remote cemetery since being abandoned. The heroes of Hope For Paws received the call about Angelica, and decided to spring into action to save the adorable dog from homelessness. Seeing the difference in Angelica from pre-rescue to post-rescue is really staggering. She’s as cute as ever, but with a newfound spring in her step. That zest for life just makes her all the more endearing, and it makes it all the more emotional to see how far she’s come. Watch the video below:

Abandoned Dog Living In Cemetery Is Rescued (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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