Aaryn Gries

Aaryn Gries Of 'Big Brother' Racist Season Gets Married (VIDEO)

Aaryn Gries of Big Brother 15 got married over the weekend to Nick Williams in Montgomery, TX. Former houseguests GinaMarie Zimmerman, Spencer Clawson and Jeremy McGuire were also present.

Big Brother 15 had the most racist cast ever in the history of Big Brother, with Aaryn being the most vocal about her racial biases in the live feed. She literally changed the show as CBS had to put disclaimers everywhere.

I find it interesting that GinaMarie, Spencer and Jeremy, who were all seen making racial slurs and/or bullying other contestants two years ago, are part of her "circle" outside the Big Brother house now. Most of them were fired from their jobs in real life for being so offensive on TV.

Casting a large number of racists and bullies worked for CBS though. That season had high ratings.


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I love you, my sweet husband

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@aarynelizagries the most beautiful I ever seen her . I love her so much . My bunnie . What an amazing wedding

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#bbbunnie @aarynelizagries #nickrynwedding rocking our HOH robes lol kidding . Our wedding robes hehe

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