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Aaron Gibson and Sa’Rayah Battle on The Voice 11 (VIDEO)

Aaron Gibson and Sa’Rayah battled for a spot in the Knockouts on The Voice 11 Battle Rounds on Monday, October 17, 2016, for Team Miley Cyrus!

Aaron and Sa’Rayah are two of the most soulful singers on Team Miley, but in different ways. Aaron has soul in that folksy kind of way, similar to Taylor John Williams. But Sa’Rayah is more of an knock-down-drag-out style of singer, and it resulted in an impressive contrast here. Seriously, I was expecting this to be a bit more of a mismatch than it was, but their voices blended rather nicely. It seemed pretty clear that somebody was going to steal whoever didn’t win, but there was plenty of drama in wondering who would actually be declared the winner here. I thought this was a terrific battle, even though I wasn’t familiar with the song (“I’ll Take Care of You” by Beth Hart. Kind of sounded like “I Put A Spell On You”). Who won the battle? Which artist was stolen? Watch the performance video below:

Aaron Gibson and Sa'Rayah Battle on The Voice 11 (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

Result: Aaron Gibson WINS the Battle! Alicia Keys STEALS Sa’Rayah!

Download: Aaron Gibson and Sa’Rayah, “I’ll Take Care of You”

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