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A Hundred Sharks Congregate Off Mediterranean Coast Of Israel

Around one hundred sharks gathered off Israel’s Mediterranean coast last week attracting tourists and diving enthusiasts. Here’s drone footage of the rare sighting.

From Rumble:

Dozens of dusky and sandbar sharks congregated in the Mediterranean Sea near Hadera, Israel, on January 23, according to reports. This drone footage shows the sharks in the shallow waters.

It is rare for a large numbers of sharks to form a group in particular location, although many sharks travel to Hadera at this time of year. The Orot Rabin power station emits warm water, which could draw the animals, Adi Barash, a marine scientist at Haifa University said. “It might be just because of the warm water, it might be because there is more food there, it might be for the gestation period, for the pregnancy, but we don’t know yet,” he said.

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: Rumble

Source: Rumble

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