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72-Year Employee of Goodyear Finally Retires at 90

Sidney Richardson, 90, retired last week from the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. plant in Gadsden, Alabama. He was employed at the company for 72 years!

Richardson began working at the plant on Tuesday, June 22, 1943 at the age of 17, making less than 50 cents an hour.

Now this is dedication! Also congratulations on making it to 90. That on it’s own is an achievement. Perhaps one needs to work instead of retire in order to live long.

72-Year Employee of Goodyear Finally Retires at 90

From AL.com:

Richardson was the longest-serving hourly Goodyear employee for the corporation worldwide.

More than 9,000 employees have been hired at the plant since Richardson, as attested by his time clock card – No. 0912. New employee cards have passed the 10,000 mark. He was the only remaining employee with a “zero” number.

Two years ago, the plant held a two-day celebration when he finished his 70th year with the company. Last week, Richardson was honored at a ceremony at the USWA Local 12.

At his ceremony, Richardson said he would miss coming to work every day and “seeing my family because I spent a lot of time with my work family over the years.”

“It’s really all I’ve ever known, so I will miss it,” he said. “But the time is right.”

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