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7-Week-Old Husky Puppies Play In Snow for First Time – So Cute! (VIDEO)

January is upon us, which means the first snow of the season shouldn’t be far off (and depending on where you live, snow has fallen already!). But even inclement weather has its positives, such as getting to see cute animals frolic in the snow for the first time ever!

These 7-week-old Siberian husky puppies got to experience snow for the first time ever, and it’s exactly as adorable as you’d expect it to be. It’s a gorgeous winter day in this video, which makes it perfect for something this cute. I admit to having the post-holiday blues, as everyone is back to work, and family relations return home after happy visits. But this helped put a smile back on my face. I mean, I’m basically a sucker for all things “puppy” anyway, but I’m an even bigger fanatic for “[x] experiences [y] for the first time!” So this was right up my alley. And you’ll be able to experience it yourself by checking out the insanely cute video below:

7-Week-Old Husky Puppies Play In First Snow - So Cute! (VIDEO)

If you liked this video, watch this adorable, confused husky puppy get introduced to snow for the first time. VERY different reaction from the puppies in this video!

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