50 Cent: I’m Not Rich, I Just Borrow Rich People Things

Despite being worth an estimated $155 million, 50 Cent is now claiming that he really is broke and that recent Instagram photos of him flashing his wealth were an illusion. According to 50, he’s been borrowing everything.

And no, his bankruptcy has absolutely nothing to do with that $5 million judgement he was slapped with for releasing a sex tape of Rick Ross and his baby mama Lastonia Leviston.

Filing bankruptcy paperwork the same day he was due in court to deal with punitive damages was a mere coincidence.

While testifying yesterday (July 22) in Manhattan Supreme Court, the rapper explained that his extravagant lifestyle is “entertainment.”

When asked about claims that he bought a Rolls-Royce on a whim earlier this month, 50 Cent said he had to trade in two cars to get it, including his Lamborghini.

Other vehicles he “rented” and even watches and jewelry were “borrowed.”

As for that 65-carat ring he posted on Instagram? “65 carats?” 50 responded when questioned, “I don’t think that’s even possible.”

Furthermore, the $1.6 million bet he bragged about placing during the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight was also allegedly smoke and mirrors. The rapper revealed he lied. No bet was placed.

And even though he may live in a 17-acre Connecticut estate with “21 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a basketball court, a movie theater and a personal nightclub,” 50’s lawyer claims the rapper is only worth about $3.7 million.

Not counting the $5 million he owes Lastonia Leviston.

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