5 After Midnight Officially Signed To Syco To Replace One Direction

A month after news leaked that The X Factor UK 2016 finalists 5 After Midnight would be joining Simon Cowell and Syco Music, the record label has made the news official.

The boy band finished in third place behind Saara Aalto and eventual winner Matt Terry, but they managed to be one of the more popular acts of the entire season. If nothing else, they have heaps of marketability and potential as a pop/R&B crossover act. It seems clear that Jordan, Kieran and Nathan are intended to fill the boy band void left behind by One Direction. The boys will be paired with talent manager Jonathan Shalit and Global Radio head honcho Ashley Tabor.

“Syco has an incredible team of songwriters at their disposal to work on amazing hits for the band.”

“To say we are part of a roster that includes artists like One Direction and Little Mix is just incredible,” Jordan stated, with Nathan adding that this is a “dream come true”.

“It is very rare that a group can sing, dance and perform at a level that 5 After Midnight do. We will be making a record that enables them to fully showcase their huge talent,” said Syco Managing Director Tyler Brown.

5 After Midnight Officially Signed To Syco To Replace One Direction

Source: YouTube

No word on when the boys will release music, and it’ll be a tall order for 5 After Midnight to even come closing to matching the success achieved by One Direction. But they’re going to have the full Syco push behind them, and we’ve seen what that’s done for acts like Little Mix. I wish the best for the guys, because they were one of my favorite acts this season. With any luck, they’ll have nice, long careers ahead of them.

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