30% of Republicans Want To Bomb Aladdin’s Hometown of Agrabah

A new poll reveals that one in three Republicans hate Disney’s Aladdin so much, they want the United States to bomb his hometown Agrabah. The fictional city from the movie “Aladdin” is also the hometown of Abu, Carpet, Iago, Princess Jasmine and the beloved Genie.

Public Policy Polling released the results of their poll on Friday and Agrabah immediately trended on Twitter.

19% percent of Democrats supported bombing Agrabah.

30 of Republicans Want To Bomb Aladdin's Hometown of Agrabah

PPP added the question to find out if Americans would support bombing a city which remotely sounded Middle Eastern.

The percentage of Americans supporting bombing a city is alarming in itself, but the results also reveal how a lot of us are grossly misinformed about the world in general.

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