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Big Brother 17: HOH and Eviction Results for 07/09/2015

Who went home on Big Brother 17 on tonight July 9, 2015? Who was evicted in the live vote? Who are the new Heads of Household?

Here are the results for Week 2 on Big Brother.

I’ll be live blogging tonight’s action so keep up below!

Is fan-favorite Da’Vonne guaranteed to go home or can she pull off the upset?


Mini Week Recap

– I’ve basically been over this show all week because of the terrible reign of Shelli (and Clay). They targeted Da’Vonne even though Audrey was the one who started most of the drama. Da’Vonne couldn’t catch a break and it all culminated when Shelli decided to put one of Day’s closest friends, Meg, on the block which seemingly sealed the deal. Da’Vonne has led viewer polls as a show favorite since the season began, and the show really wouldn’t be as entertaining without her. Even if she goes home this week I wonder could she even keep the momentum in polls until the America’s Favorite player at the end. Anyway….

– This week was extremely boring with the Day target the house seeming to want to vote together. Then Da’Vonne got the #BBTakeover twist to veto three votes. She is the only one that knows she has the power. It seems that the house will still vote together, but a last minute partnership between Da’Vonne and her foe Audrey could leave a small chance. Aside from that, since Da’Vonne figured out that Liz’s twin was in the house, Julia (the twin) has revealed herself to their allies.

– I’m honestly confused as to why Clay and Shelli and in some part Austin & Liz are infatuated with picking off the other side of the house like there biggest targets aren’t the people they work with. The other side consist of Day/Jason/James & Meg and clearly they have more people for them than against them. They are the ones in power. They are the insiders, not the outsiders. If Da’Vonne leaves, I will keep up just to recap it for y’all. LOL.

But here we go with tonight’s episode…

Live Show Recap 

– Da’Vonne says everyone is a coward and knows Meg is the pawn. Meg is upset that Da’Vonne is full of kindness and that is upsetting her. Shelli cries to the DR saying she is having a hard time being the one to send her home. (PUH-LEASE…why are you sending her home then!?). Meg & Day hope the twist can save them both.

– Kathy introduces the #BBTakeover to the houseguests. All of the phone calls hurl insults at the contestants prior to Da’Vonne getting the 7th one, and finds out she gets the vetos. She tells Jason and they get a glimmer of hope. They decide she needs to get four votes and beings recruiting. Audrey tells DR she wants to keep her because if she’s gone she will be headed out next.

– Clay is really pisseed that Da’Vonne took  the 7th number (a**hole). Shelli says everyone likes that number and tells him to lay off since she is on the block. They are scared that Day might not go home.

– We see next that the houseguests have figured out about the twins in the house.

– Now its time for the results!!

– Da’Vonne blocks Becky, Jeff and Jackie from voting. TF DAVONNE!?!? OMG. Why them!!!? Maybe to disguise who had the power..but still. The houseguets don’t know who had the power.


Big Brother 17 Summary Week 1
HOH Nominated for Eviction
Shelli Poole #BB17

Shelli Poole #BB17

Da'Vonne Rogers #BB17

Da’Vonne Rogers #BB17

Meg Maley #BB17

Meg Maley #BB17

Votes to Evict (7) Clay, John, Austin, Julia/Liz, Vanessa, James, Steve (2) Jason, Audrey

– With a vote of 7-2 DAVONNE IS EVICTED 🙁

– She is greeted to a sea of applause.

– I have a feeling that Da’Vonne knew she was going and wanted to stir things up wit the the vetoes.

– She is crying that the audience greeted her so loudly as she thought they wouldn’t like her.

– She wishes she had went to Liz/Julia first instead of spreading the twin rumor. Julie asks how is Da’Vonne sitting here and not Audrey. She says they are afraid what America will think of her voting Audrey out and they houseguests don’t know the difference between Audrey the player and Audrey the person.

– She thinks being very vocal cost her the game. She says she should have shut-up and kept things to herself. However, she says if she could do it over again it would be the same.

– Her goodbye messages are Clay who says from their falling out after being allies they never recovered trust and he hopes they will see each other after the game, Audrey says karma simply came back and got her and “Bye,” Jason gives a heartfelt message and Liz and Julia say she has to go for blowing up their game.

– Julie tells Day that Audrey was the vote and Day says she will give it to Audrey that she wanted to work with her and was being loyal. She says it was a great experience and she thanks God for it!


– In the meantime some people online have been saying maybe if Liz and Julia are evicted before the the fifth week, another house guest may re-enter the house *inserts eyes*

– It’s a huge Beer pong-like competition!

– AUSTIN and VANESSA are the Heads of Households for the week! 

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