25-Year-Old Rescue Dog Could Be World's Oldest Pooch (VIDEO)

Not a lot of dogs live into their 20s, but it does happen sometimes, believe it or not.

In this video, we meet Tara, a rescue dog who's reached the ripe old age of 25, which translates to 175 human years. Her owner credits her long life to his special, homemade brand of dog food called Gentle Giants. It's a non-greasy dog food that's also low in fat, so Tara has been able to remain healthy alongside her owner and his wife. Oh, and by the way, her owner is actor Burt Ward, who is best known for playing the role of Robin in the 1960s Batman TV series. A canine enthusiast and caretaker for the past 22 years, it makes sense that Ward would be the one to invent a dog food that has seemingly supernatural effects. He and his wife, Tracy, live in Norco, California with FIFTY dogs, all of whom were rescued. However, they have yet to have Tara's status as the world's oldest dog confirmed. So for right now, we're basically just going on assumption that she's the world's oldest dog. And really, at 25 years of age, I'm not sure how many pooches are out there to realistically challenge her. At the very least, Tara is likely the cutest old dog in the world. Meet Tara by watching the full video below:

25-Year-Old Rescue Dog Could Be World's Oldest Pooch (VIDEO)
Source: YouTube

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