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21-Year-Old Waiter Woos Rita Ora on The X Factor UK 2015 (VIDEO)

Soul singer Mason Noise sang “Senorita” by Justin Timberlake, and wooed new judge Rita Ora in the process on The X Factor UK 2015!

Mason is a 21-year-old waiter who wants to make a career out of singing, and while he’s definitely got the performance aspect down, I kind of felt like the voice wasn’t entirely there. But I think a big part of it was the song choice, since “Senorita” isn’t really a singer’s song, considering that the harmony doesn’t provide ample opportunity for a singer to show off his voice. And Mason can sing, at least in my opinion. Perhaps on a different song, Mason will show more promise. But for now, he’s memorable largely for his showmanship, and for the flirtatious way he wooed Rita Ora. That was pretty smooth, man! Watch Mason’s audition below:

21-Year-Old Waiter Woos Rita Ora on The X Factor UK 2015 (VIDEO)

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