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17-Year-Old Delivers Jaw-Dropping Vocal on The X Factor UK 2015 (VIDEO)

17-year-old singer Charli Beard delivered a jaw-dropping rendition of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” on The X Factor UK 2015!

Charli seemed very timid and unassuming at first, even when detailing how she’s wanted to audition for this show for her entire life, and how she got into singing due to her grandfather. I thought, “Okay, nice girl. Probably can sing. But probably not a winner.” Then she started singing, and…well, she shut me up right then and there. This was outstanding, and all the more emotional for being a song with personal meaning to her, as it’s the first song her grandfather ever sang to her. I’m immediately on-board with Charli, and I feel as though she’s instantly one of the best in the Girls category. It should be interesting to see how she develops as the competition rolls on. She’s very polished for someone so young, although I suppose it makes sense, since she’s been singing since age 7. But still, that vocal control! So good. Watch Charli’s audition video below:

17-Year-Old Delivers Jaw-Dropping Vocal on The X Factor UK 2015 (VIDEO)

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