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12-Year-Old Rescue Is Happiest Dog On Earth – Look At Him Smile! (VIDEO)

Meet Brinks – the 12-year-old rescued Pit Bull – who could very well be the happiest dog on Earth! His smile is infectious!

I’m crying right now. This dog is amazing.

From YouTube:

Twelve years ago one special terrier was rescued from the streets of New York, and has been expressing his happiness – by SMILING. Brinks the pit bull has a remarkable habit of smiling exactly like a human. Owner, Jon Bozak noticed this pooch’s rare talent the moment he first met him. He said: “I think I first discovered brinks could smile the very first day I found him. I’d thrown him in the car and he got into the front seat and just kind of made himself at home. “I really didn’t want to get a second dog, but as soon as I saw him smiling at the world passing by my car, it pretty much was a non – decision. The best decision I made.”

Press play to watch the video below.

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