12-Year-Old Arielle Baril Stuns on America’s Got Talent with ‘Nessum Dorma’ (VIDEO)

Arielle Baril, the 12-year-old opera singing sensation on “America’s Got Talent,” stunned the audience with her rendition of “Nessum Dorma” on Tuesday night at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Simply amazing!

From our live blog:

Arielle talks about how nerve-wracking it is to be onstage, saying it doesn’t look as big on TV. However, she loves performing, and recalls her phone absolutely blowing up after her last performance. Her mother feels that some people forget Arielle is only 12, but she still gets support from her family and friends, particularly her school friends. We even see her Face-timing with her entire school, which has packed into the gymnasium to wish her luck. I still can’t believe she’s as young as she is.

Arielle sings “Nessun Dorma”, mostly because the list of opera songs the general public knows is pretty damn short. Still, this is a perfect choice for her. Not only does she sound like a grown woman, she makes this look easy. Seriously, it doesn’t even look (or sound) like she’s straining to hit any of these notes. It’s a terrific performance that very well could earn her a spot in the finals. Hell, I wouldn’t be mad. Nor would Heidi, who gives Arielle a standing ovation.

12-Year-Old Arielle Baril Stuns on America's Got Talent with 'Nessum Dorma' (VIDEO)

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